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Good Dogs Abound/Superb Canines, Ltd. (GDA) is a multi-faceted company whose overarching purpose is to increase the quality of life for dogs and their owners. GDA believes that communication and lack of knowledge/experience leads to less than optimum canine/human relationships.

Good Dogs Abound strives to educate dogs and their owners toward the cooperative relationship that we believe is the true basis of the canine/human dynamic. GDA believes that the canine/human relationship is a model social structure that can lead to a deeper, more meaningful existence for both dogs and humans.

Canines and humans formed a coexistence over 15,000 years ago for reasons of safety, companionship and survival. Canines and humans learned to work together and have formed a remarkable bond.

While many dogs and humans still enjoy a working relationship, many dog/human relationships are mainly companion-based. The companion relationship is remarkable in itself, but GDA believes it has allowed the canine/human relationship to become somewhat blurred. People may have expectations of their dog that the dog is not fully equipped to provide. Improper or misplaced expectations can result in a relationship that is confused.

Good Dogs Abound supports the idea that dogs can and should be a part of everyday life for many people. But the foundation of a healthy canine/human relationship requires an alignment of desires and capabilities. Dog owners will be happier if they understand what is reasonable to expect at the various life stages of a dog. Owners will also be happier if they understand that dog breeds are wide and varied, and require different environments. All dogs are not created alike.

GDA believes that many of the issues between dogs and their owners stem from a lack of communication. Dogs respond to stimuli. Most dogs learn quickly, whether it is a good or bad behavior.

GDA believes that in most circumstances, dog issues are exacerbated by the owner. While this may seem like bad news, in fact it's really good news! Most issues with dogs can be corrected by first understanding the issue and then creating a plan to correct it.

Let Good Dogs Abound show you your dog's real capability. We work with your dog, one on one, on specific issues you hope to correct or improve. Then, when the dog has achieved provable success, we work with you to understand how to stay on plan and reinforce the good behavior. We save you time by doing the initial hard work. Once you know your dog can meet your expectations, we show you simple and fast ways to keep it happening!

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